The goal of local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in Stroudsburg is for your site shows up on the very first page in organic search results for search for anyone in or near Stroudsburg PA. Whether you are an established business like the Sherman Theater or Sarah Street Grill to a new shop like Grandpa Joe’s Candy Store ! SEO in Stroudsburg consists of numerous techniquesthat will help your site to appear at the best possible position in Google search results. Google results are the gold standard with over 93% of United States based search traffic. Stroudsburg SEO can likewise be tightened down to focus on one certain kind of search such as regional or local search optimization, audio-video optimization, photo optimization, etc. Search engines have hundreds of factors that identify just how high (or low) a site places in the Search Engine Result Position (SERP). At Sapphire, we understand that the devil is in the details of search engine optimization, as well as you can rely on that you’ll be placing your website, online advertising & marketing in the hands of qualified professionals.


Stroudsburg SEO plays a crucial role in every online marketing campaign, without it your website will be hidden deep under countless other web sites that share points of tangency with yours. When your site ranks higher in the search results page, additional customers can easily and quickly identify your brand as an authoritative source for service or goods.. Ideally, the area to be is on top of the first page results.

When you’re searching for something and your device identifies that you are in or near Stroudsburg or East Stroudsburg the ideal situation is to rank #1 on the first page !  Just how often do you check through the third or even the forth page of results?

The fifth or sixth pages? Few individuals make the effort to look that far. In fact, studies validate that 85% of people look no further than the 1st page and 99% look at no more than the top 30 results ; that is why achieving SEO Stroudsburg results is important to your business. Whether you’re a business owner looking to increase your market reach or an university student starting a personal blog in South Stroud], if you desire to take full advantage of what Stroudsburg SEO can do for your web site, you need to speak with someone who understands SEO in Stroudsburg. We can get your website the boost in website traffic it requires to unseat your competitors and climb to the best possible positions in organic search.

Now, it’s most that if you want to maximize your ROI ( Return On Investment ), your web site needs to show up at the very top of the every possible relevant search possible! Many business owners have tried to perform SEO Stroudsburg by themselves, many have failed miserably. The reasons are generally all related to the simple fact that business owners are best serving their own interests when they focus on their core competency rather than figuring out Stroudsburg SEO. Sapphire Group allows your business to focus on growing and operating, letting us focus on engaging consumers and driving new business.


Our analytics platforms afford us extensive understanding of your site (where it is, and also where it needs to be based on your goals). Our Stroudsburg SEO strategies are produced by a well-established SWOT analysis which is a critical and often overlooked component of success.


Getting targeted site traffic is what we do best. These are paying customers in the 18360 zip code of Stroudsburg SEO and beyond that are looking specifically for what you are supplying, be it legal services or eco-friendly paper straws. We will ensure you fully understand the reality, costs and probability of success for specific results given your budget. Often times business owners are shown #1 results for insignificant terms that do not produce results prior to realizing that a tree falling in the woods with no one to hear it is identical to being #1 for an irrelevant search term!

Are you paying for SEO Stroudsburg marketing efforts and have NO regular monthly reports showing progress and status? Ask yourself WHY!

Have you been paying for months or worse yet * YEARS * and have not seen an increase in sales? Ask yourself WHY!

If you have seen competitors grow in sales and market share … What is your SEO strategy? Be sure, they have theirs.

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