With over 22 years of web design Sapphire Group can deliver anything you can imagine in a timely and cost effective manner.

We take a comprehensive approach to web design from coding and mark-up to SEO and content strategy. Our goal is to design your website to rank better in search results and deliver the best possible experience to your audience.

Our approach to the design of each page is with optimized traffic flow and conversion in mind. Each page has a goal that needs to be easily achieved by your customers to increase your conversion rates and keep them high.

Creativity In Design

The front page provides the first opportunity you have to captivate and engage visitors , it must offer them a compelling experience they won’t forget. Our design experts’ will craft a page with an aesthetic and content that channels visitors to drive user engagement and retention.

Optimized Page Load Time

Slow loading sites dissuade users and undermine search engine results which can cost your business opportunities . At Sapphire Group, we understand the essential need for speed in order to maximize the precious little time you have to engage your audience and capture their attention.

Consistency Across All Devices And Screen Sizes

Your customers visit your website from mobile, tablet and desktop; which is why we guarantee consistent performance on any screen size. Regardless of what device or platform your customers find you, we’ll ensure it appears in the most optimized format for that device with a Responsive Web Design.


Online commerce is the most efficient and least cost method to sell product and service. That’s why we design solutions that are specific, customized and focused to drive sales and conversion.


Page Flow

We understand that every page represents an opportunity for a sale of product or service that requires a focused path to ensure success. We design every page with user flow and the goal of conversion in mind.

Customized Solutions

At Sapphire, we’re never about “cookie cutter” or “one-size fits all” because your brand is as unique as you are. We endeavor to completely understand your needs & goals to ensure deliverable that is a turnkey solution that represents your brands identity.

Sapphire offers a range of solutions that include e-commerce, websites, online platforms & portals, intranets, internal information hubs, or simply an online portfolio to showcase your work. Irrespective of platform, CMS, or technology we have experience with technologies spanning from WordPress to Joomla, .NET to classic ASP , AWS to Azure and more.


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