Remote work isn’t the future, it’s suddenly the present. In the era of smartphones, virtual workspaces, and free wifi, we’re all working remotely. But are we doing it well? Global research says no — most companies that allow employees to work outside of the office haven’t updated their policies, operations, or leadership training for the future of work. The global Covid-19 Pandemic and mandatory closures have exposed the lack of preparation that well established companies are experiencing, smaller companies are in a far more dire situation.

Flexibility is the key to many corporate concerns including diversity, economic resilience, talent retention and work-life balance.


Sapphire Group can assist you in transitioning your existing traditional business model to a Virtual Remote Office that positions you for success.

Our services include:

    • Cloud based productivity suite utilizing Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite.
      • Cloud based file sharing and collaboration
      • Video teleconferencing
      • Integrated chat
      • Change Management / Change Control
      • Project Management
      • Scheduling
    • Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service to port or forward your calls directly to your laptop, mobile phone, or an additional remote handset.
    • Remote access to your existing infrastructure, servers and on-premise technology
      • Virtual Private Networks
      • Remote Desktop
    • Server maintenance and administration (Microsoft Windows Servers, Linux, Unix)

As we all brace for the social and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic you can trust Sapphire Group to provide solutions that ensure business continuity. Please contact us for a free consultation to implement a plan that restores as much of your essential services as possible while working remotely.

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